Traumatic Injuries

Traumatic Injuries services in Brunswick, ME

A traumatic injury of the hand or arm can be life-changing. Whether you lose digits or just their function, Mary Woodbury, OTR/L, CHT, can provide personalized occupational therapy to improve your motor skills at Hand Therapy Treatment and Education Center, LLP in Brunswick, Maine. Call the center today or schedule a hand therapy consultation online.

Traumatic Injuries Q&A

What are traumatic injuries?

Traumatic injuries involve significant damage to musculoskeletal tissue and typically happen suddenly and accidentally. Hand Therapy Treatment and Education Center, LLP, specializes in occupational therapy for traumatic arm, hand, and wrist injuries.

Your traumatic injury could break the skin. Some hand and wrist trauma is severe enough to sever extremities or lead to amputation. Hand Therapy Treatment and Education Center, LLP, tailors your treatment plan according to your needs, no matter how severe your injury is.

Participating in personalized occupational therapy after a traumatic injury increases the possibility of restoring full function to the affected limb. Occupational therapy can increase your strength, range of motion, and fine motor skills while reducing pain and discomfort.

Who can benefit from traumatic injury rehabilitation?

Traumatic injury rehab at Hand Therapy Treatment and Education Center, LLP, helps you restore function to your injured hand or wrist. You can benefit from traumatic injury rehabilitation for:


Replanted digits

If you get medical help soon enough after losing a finger, a microsurgeon might be able to replant (reattach) the finger. Hand therapy can help you learn to use the digit again, at least to a degree, despite any permanent nerve and muscle damage.



If you lose a finger to amputation because a traumatic injury has caused too much damage, hand therapy can train you to live without the amputated digit.



After a traumatic injury or amputation, you might be able to replace the missing finger, hand, or arm with a prosthesis, an artificial body part. Using prosthetics involves a learning curve and hand therapy helps you adjust to life with a prosthesis.

What does hand therapy for traumatic injuries involve?

Occupational therapy for traumatic injuries at Hand Therapy Treatment and Education Center, LLP, is highly personalized according to your needs. Your provider evaluates your baseline level of function so that they can help you set realistic goals to work toward in therapy.

Your provider works with you closely to maintain and restore function in your injured hand or helps you learn to use your prosthesis. They monitor you closely, seeing you several times each week to work on stretching and strengthening exercises. The adjustment will take time, but you can eventually progress to work on fine motor skills and other advanced functions.

Your provider might also use procedures that use physical elements like heat, ultrasound energy, or cold temperatures to advance your treatment.

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