Tendon Repairs

Tendon Repairs services in Brunswick, ME

Tendon repair surgery promises a long recovery, and you’ll need occupational therapy to continue using your injured extremity. At Hand Therapy Treatment and Education Center, LLP in Brunswick, Maine, Mary Woodbury, OTR/L, CHT, conducts your personalized upper extremity occupational therapy following tendon repair surgery. Call Hand Therapy Treatment and Education Center or schedule a consultation online for tendon repair rehabilitation today.

Tendon Repairs Q&A

What are tendon repairs?

Tendon repairs are surgeries to mend torn tendons that significantly reduce the function of the affected joints. You have many tendons in your body supporting your joints: They’re firm bands of tissue connecting muscle to bone.

Tendon tears severe enough to require tendon repair surgery happen suddenly and unexpectedly, often during sports or car accidents. They can also be caused by deep lacerations. While some tendon injuries develop gradually, they don’t require tendon repair and tend to get better with rehab alone.

If you’ve had tendon repair surgery to treat a torn tendon in your shoulder, arm, wrist, or hand, it’ll take a lot of time to heal and recover. Occupational therapy focuses on restoring function so that you can again confidently engage in everyday tasks and activities.

How does tendon repair rehabilitation work?

Hand Therapy Treatment and Rehabilitation Center, LLP specializes in occupational therapy to rehab your injured tendon as you recover from tendon repair surgery. A personalized occupational therapy plan usually consists of several strategies, including:

  • Strengthening techniques
  • Range-of-motion techniques
  • Treatments that use tools or physical agents (for example, heat, cold, or energy)
  • Activity changes
  • Custom splinting

You’ll regularly visit Hand Therapy Treatment and Education Center, LLP, to continue your rehab throughout the recovery process. Consistently following your occupational therapist’s recommendations will lead to the best possible healing and recovery after tendon repair surgery.

What are the goals of tendon repair rehabilitation?

Your provider at Hand Therapy Treatment and Education Center helps you set and work toward specific goals to increase your hand or arm function after tendon repair surgery. Occupational therapy can also reduce your risk of the many complications that can develop after surgery. 

Among the goals of tendon repair rehab are:

  • Preventing scar adhesions
  • Restoring your strength
  • Restoring your range of motion
  • Preventing additional tendon tears
  • Improving your ability to complete daily tasks
  • Increasing your independence

Your provider at Hand Therapy Treatment and Education Center, LLP, regularly measures your abilities to focus on the goals that need the most work.Call Hand Therapy Treatment and Education Center, LLP, today or schedule a tendon repair rehabilitation consultation online.